The Patch Note 30894
Posted on August 1, 2009

We are glad to announce that our subscription number is over 6,800,000,000 now.


All previous patch notes were not public to players. We thought it would be a good idea to share the notes with players so that they will know how mortal they are. Thus from now on, all new patch notes will be published.


Fuel, especially gasoline, is imbalanced. It is free and too efficient. This is not intended. From now on, gasoline will be buried underground, chemically combined with lead, sulfur and other toxic elements. In order to balance the efficiency of COMPUTERs, Tin is no longer an available element for constructing semiconductors. Use silicon or germanium instead. All previous POCs (player owned COMPUTERs) will be automatically modified.


Dogs learned to BARK, and forgot how to STAND ON ONE FOOT. Made tiny tweaks to 20+ viruses.


The source codes for the operation of LIGHT have been optimized, especially in extreme conditions. It’s now possible to identify up to 10 to the 12 images from each of the two mirrors facing each other. The previous record is 100,000. A bug that could cause tiny memory leaks when players THINK, has been fixed. Fixed a bug which may cause occasional breakdown when player DIEs. The speed of LIGHT is 299,792,458 m/s now down from 299,792,459. This is intended to solve some resonance bug throughout the game world.


42 blackholes have been added to balance the total mass of the game world. Added a total solar eclipse to the Calendar. Players are no longer able to OBSERVE the thoughts of other players. Added a few excavation spots throughout the game world. We restart the DesireForSpeed program, which makes great optimizations to the game play. In order to save server resource, we now refresh the quark states 10 to the power of 10 times every second. The number of quarks are 3 times more than before. In other words, every quark will become three quarks after downtime. Dynamic Loading: Any environment will be put offline when having no interactions with players. 我们高兴的宣布,游戏的付费用户超过了6,800,000,000。 ## 重要

之前的所有补丁说明都没有对玩家开放。我们现在觉得公开这些补丁说明有利于玩家明白自己渺小的处境。所以从现在起,玩家可以看到所有新的补丁说明。 ## 平衡性

燃料,尤其是汽油,极大的破坏了游戏的平衡性。它们免费,高效;我们的本意远非如此。今后,所有的燃油都必须从地底开采,并且它们被与硫、铅以及其他有毒物质混合。 为了平衡“计算机”的效率,锡不再是构成半导体的有效材料。请用锗或硅作为替代。之前的所有玩家手中的锡基计算机将被自动替换。 ## 物种

狗现在学会新的动作,“犬吠”,替代了原来的“定孤支”。 对二十多类病毒进行了微小修改。 ## 修正

优化了对光线进行操作的代码,尤其在极端情况下。现在你可以在两个相对的镜子中分辨出最多10的12次方个像。之前的记录是100,000个。 一个Bug在玩家“思考”时会导致微量的内存泄漏。这个Bug被修正了。 修正了一个Bug,其有极低的机率可能导致玩家“死亡”时跳出游戏。 光速被从299,792,459米/秒降至299,792,458米/秒。这是为了修复一个在全游戏世界引起共鸣的Bug。 ## 杂项

加入了42个新的黑洞以平衡游戏世界的总质量。 在日历中增加了一次全日食。 玩家将不再能“观察”其他玩家的思想。 加入了一些新的潜在考古地点。 DesireForSpeed计划重新启动,我们对游戏机制做了重大优化。 为节省服务器的开销,现在对夸克状态的刷新每10的10次方分之一秒进行一次(之前这个数字大约是3乘10的10次方分之一),夸克的总数量扩大3倍作为补偿。也就是说,原来的每个夸克将在更新后变为3个。 动态载入:任何环境,在没有与玩家交互的情况下将被下线以节省资源。​ –写于2009年8月